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Hamamatsu R6095 PMT Photomultiplier KIT w/SOCKET, Electronics, Coupling Compound


Silicone Optical Coupling Compound for PMT Photomultiplier Scintillator Detector


3" Scintillation Detector BASIC KIT Includes PMT Scintillator Electronics


Hamamatsu R10133 PMT Photomultiplier Tube for Scintillation Detector R10133-02


PMT Photomultiplier Charge Sensitive Amplifier Module for DIY Gamma Spectrometry


Mu-Metal Shield for 1-1/2 inch or smaller Photomultiplier Tube PMT 4X6 inches


Hamamatsu R10133 PMT - KIT with VD - Photomultiplier Tube Scintillation Detector


Hamamatsu Photomultiplier R1450 PMT Tube 19mm for Scintillation Detector NEW


HV High Voltage Power Supply Kit for PMT Photomultiplier / Geiger tube 1500V max


Photonis (Philips) XP5312 PMT Photomultiplier Tube &VD for Scintillator Detector


LOW PROFILE 14pin PMT Socket 2" & Larger Photomultiplier Scintillator Detector


HAMAMATSU R1307-31 GE PMT Detector Photomultiplier Tube


14pin PMT Socket for 2" & larger Photomultiplier Scintillator Detector Probe


12pin PMT Socket for 1-1/2" PMT Photomultiplier Tube Scintillator Detector Probe


Hamamatsu R928 Photomultiplier Tube PMT with Socket


Hamamatsu 1P28A Photomultiplier Tube PMT with Socket


Hamamatsu R9420 PMT Photomultiplier Tube w/VD &Leads for Scintillation Detector


GEOelectronics Improved Splitter Combiner Box for Gamma spectrometry, PMT etc.


Hamamatsu R10133 PMT KIT with VD, BNC & Machined End-Cap - Photomultiplier Tube


Qty 2, ADIT PMT Photomultiplier Tube PB29B01W, 14 pin leads, 1.125"OD x 3.100" L


Hamamatsu R6233 PMT Photomultiplier Tube w/ VD & CAP for Scintillation Detector


Thorn EMI 9635QD1 PMT Photomultiplier Tube - Scintillation Detector


1-3/8" Diameter Bicron BC408 Scintillator Plastic for 1.5" PMT detectors BC-408


(2) ADIT PMT Photomultiplier Tube B29B01W, 14 pin flying leads, 1.125"ODX3.10" L


B14A Socket with End-Cap & Voltage Divider KIT 14Pin PMT Photomultiplier Tube


Photonis XP2012/B 1.5" PMT Photomultiplier Tube 38mm (for Scintillator Detector)


Thorn EMI 9902KB 1.5" PMT Photomultiplier Tube 38mm /good for gamma spectrometry


B14A Diheptal Socket w/pre-wired PMT preamp & BNC end 4Pin Photomultiplier tube


Hamamatsu R660 PMT Tube 86.6 - New


Hamamatsu R660 86.6 PMT Tube


Thorn EMI 9235QA PMT Photomultiplier Tube Scintillation Detector


SALE! B14A Diheptal Socket w/pre-wired PMT preamp & BNC end for PMT tubes SALE!


B14A Socket and Voltage Divider KIT for 14Pin PMT Diheptal Photomultiplier Tube


Hamamatsu R580 PMT Photomultiplier Tube photo multiplier tube Japan


Hamamatsu PMT H957-25 Detector Assembly, Guaranteed, Photomultiplier Tube, Deal!


Positive Polarity Adjustable High Voltage Module for PMT Photomultiplier 1kV




PMT Photomultiplier Divider PCB with Amplifier for Spectroscopy for Positive HV


PMT Voltage Divider 14 pin PMT Socket Integral Coupling


Photomultiplier PMT Driver with High Voltage; Digital Pulse; fit R6094 or R6095


MONSTER ! FEU-49B FEU49 PMT Russian Photomultiplier TUBE NEW BOX


CSA Charge-sensitive amplifier for Photomultiplier tube PMT spectrometry


Silicon PMT MicroFC 30035 Great for Scintillation detectors 3*3 mm working area


Hamamatsu Photomultiplier Tube PMT w/ 6-Position Motorized Filter Wheel


Hamamatsu R6356HA Photomultiplier Tubes (X2) on Compucyte PMT PreAmp Board