Music for the Ages


As I mentioned on the home page one of my favourite bands is Linkin Park. I guess I started listenting to them in the early 2000's somewhere when they had just released their album Hybrid Theory. You can listen to the album using the youtube video below.


The styles used on this album are really amazing as it combines many different styles of music in one. We find everything from rock to rap to the high pitched notes coming from Chesters amazing voice. Linkin Park have gone on to be a world wide success selling millions of albums and perfroming at sold out shows for over a decade.

The combination of Chester and Mike is one of a kind and although I have looked there just isnt any other band with this style worth listening to.

The recent styles have included a lot more electronic music into their songs which is a slight indication of them slowing down from the agressive sound from a decade ago. Recently, they released a new album called Living Things which is a good example of this. You will notice on this album there are a couple of hard tracks and I think these were included to keep the fans happy! Their most recent song "A Light That Never Comes" is a collabartion with Steve Akoi and is another example of the electronic influence which could almost be classified as dubstep.

Linkin Park are also well known for their involvement in the Transformers movies making a song for the first and second installment. They decided to just take a track off their album for the third movie rather than making something new but we all hope they will do something special for Transformers 4 coming out in 2015.

The band recently mentioned they were recording a new album to be released in 2014 so lets hope they return to their roots are put out something a little bit harder and more diverse!