Music for the Ages


One of the ways I relax in the evening is to spend time listening to music will I work on my golf swing. I find this to be very theraputic and it helps me unwind from a busy day at the office!

Working on my golf swing from home has been a tremendous help to my game and enabled me to lower my handicap by at least 4 shots. The problem comes in the home when the kids get to dinner and bed time and want to fight - this is where my Ipod comes in handy and I get to listen to my favourite tunes while hitting golf balls.

I suppose Ipod and Golf is a strange subject to go together but what can't you mix together in the world today!

The music scene has been fairly quiet recently and there really is not much to recommend, I am hoping 2014 will produce some epic tunes from my favourite bands but only time will tell.

In the meantime I have been amazed at the skill level of Carl Cox, one of the worlds most famous DJ's. He has managed to stay on top of his game for at least 20 years and you can check out some of his latest - 4 deck mixing - right here!